Sharing Your Camera

The Sharing feature lets other people access and use your Wyze Cam devices. Have a family member or other close friend who wants to check a camera? Share it with them right from the Wyze app. 

Important: Only share your Wyze devices with people you know and trust. 

What can a shared user do?

Shared users will be able to:

  • View the Live Stream and Event Videos.
  • Record a Live Stream.
  • Turn on and off Notifications.
  • Create Rules, Schedules and Automations.
  • Move Wyze Cam Pan devices.
  • Enable and disable Motion Tracking.
  • Use the Sound, Speak, and Take Photo tools.
  • Turn on and off the device.
  • Turn on and off Night Vision.
  • View the Device Info.
  • Remove the device from their Wyze app.

Shared users will not able to:

  • Share a device shared with them.
  • Rename a device shared with them.
  • Change the Detection Settings or Alarm Settings.
  • View microSD card footage.

 Keep in mind

  • There is no limit to the number of users you can share your Wyze devices with.
  • There is no limit to he number of Wyze devices you can share.
  • The sharing feature is set per camera. To share multiple devices, you'll have to invite users to each manually.
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