Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

The Wyze Cam Pan gives you added controls with Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. This will give you a 360° horizontal coverage with a 93° vertical range.


Controlling the Pan and Tilt

You can control the pan and tilt from your Wyze app. 

To manually pan and tilt your Wyze Cam Pan, enter the Live Stream view in your Wyze app. Once you are in the app, pick the Wyze Cam Pan you want to affect; this will take you to the Live Stream of that Camera. 

You can now use the Directional control pad to move around.


Another option is to drag your finger on the live stream video to pan and tilt.

Wyze Cam Pan can pan 360° horizontally and tilt 93° vertically. If you try to move your Wyze Cam Pan beyond one of these limits, the camera will stop moving and you will see the message, “You have reached the end.”

Motor Controls

Within Motor Controls you can affect how fast your manual controls, using the Directional control pad, move your Wyze Cam Pan with the Rotation Speed. However, Motor Speed does not affect the speed of a Pan Scan or Motion Tracking

Tap the Settings icon > Advanced Settings > Motor Controls. Then drag the slider to select the rotation speed. By default, the rotation speed is set to 5, but there are 9 speeds to choose from.


To zoom in or out, you can double-tap or pinch two fingers together or apart on the Live Stream video. 

Wyze Cam Pan has digital zoom capabilities up to 8x. 

Note: When you are zoomed in, you will not be able to drag your finger to pan and tilt the camera because dragging your finger will only move your view within the static frame.
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