Pan Scan and Waypoints

With the Wyze Cam Pan, you can set up an automatic scan between waypoints, giving you a lot more coverage. You can set this up with Pan Scan. 

Turning Pan Scan on/off

Enter the Live Stream view for your camera, tap the More icon, and then tap the Pan Scan icon to turn the feature on/off. The Pan Scan icon will be colored when Pan Scan is turned on, and it will be grey when Pan Scan is turned off.


Adding Custom Waypoints

Pan Scan allows the Wyze Cam Pan to scan up to four custom preset waypoints automatically. At each waypoint, the camera will pause for 10 seconds before moving to the next waypoint. It will continue moving between the waypoints until Pan Scan is turned off.


Wyze Cam Pan has a default setting for the Pan Scan feature that has four waypoints that are 90 degrees apart for full coverage of the room.


To set custom waypoints, go to your Wyze App and under the Home tab pick the Wyze Cam Pan you would like to affect. This brings you to the Live Stream. From here, follow these steps:


  • Tap the Settings icon > Advanced Settings > Motor Controls > Pan Scan Settings
  • Use the directional control pad to move your camera to the position you would like to set as your first waypoint. 
  • Tap Set. You will see a thumbnail image of that position appear for that waypoint. 
  • Tap the + icon to add an additional waypoint. 
  • Select any individual waypoint to edit or delete it. 
  • Tap Preview to view a preview of your Pan Scan settings. Your Wyze Cam Pan will rotate to each waypoint and pause for 10 seconds at each one. 
  • You can set two, three, or four waypoints. 
  • Tap Save to save your custom waypoints.


Remember to turn on Pan Scan. Creating the waypoints is separate from turning on Pan Scan. Make sure you go back to your Live Stream > More and turn on your Pan Scan. 


Note: To return to the default setting, tap Revert to default. To view the default setting or change to custom waypoints, tap Pan Scan Settings again.

Other behaviors to note:

  • When Pan Scan and Motion Tagging are both turned on, any motion detected will be framed by a green box.
  • When Pan Scan and Motion Tracking are both turned on, the camera will deviate from the Pan Scan waypoints in order to follow motion detected at any waypoint. It will continue to follow the motion as long as motion is detected. Once motion is no longer detected, it will return to the Pan Scan mode.
  • If you have set a detection zone before turning on Pan Scan when Pan Scan is turned on, the motion detection zone setting will be turned off, and your Wyze Cam Pan will detect motion within the full screen at each waypoint. You will need to turn the motion detection zone back on after you have turned off the Pan Scan feature.
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