Motion Tracking

If something moves while in the Wyze Cam's View it can be set to Pan and Tilt to follow the motion automatically. That works great alongside Pan Scan. You can have a single Wyze Cam Pan scanning a room, and when it detects something, it will start following it. 

Turning on Motion Tracking

To turn on Motion Tracking, enter the Live Stream view on your Wyze App, tap the More icon and then the Motion Tracking icon. The Motion Tracking icon will be colored when it is turned on and will be gray when Motion Tracking is turned off.




Note: Motion Tracking can be turned on/off independently of the Motion Detection and Motion Tagging features.

How Motion Tracking works:

  • With Motion Tracking turned on, when the camera detects motion it will move to follow the motion to keep it within the camera’s field of view. If it was performing a set Pan Scan, it will stop scanning and follow the movement.
  • When there are multiple moving objects within the camera’s field of view, Wyze Cam Pan will generally follow the largest of the moving objects.
  • After 15 seconds of inactivity (no motion detected), the camera will return to its initial position, or the initial Pan Scan, before the motion was detected. 


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