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There are some useful advanced settings for your Wyze Cam that can be useful to understand.  The Advanced Settings are accessed per-device.  Follow these steps to access the Advanced Settings.

  • Open the Wyze App, navigate to the Home tab, and select a Wyze Device. 
  • Click the Settings icon SettingsGear__1_.pngon the top right
  • Tap the Advanced Settings


Following is a list of options found in order in the Advanced Settings.

Local Storage

With Local Storage, you can change settings when using a microSD card. Learn more about continues recording with microSD in this article. 

Motor Controls

If you have a Wyze Cam Pan you get additional options under Motor Controls.

Rotation Speed affects how fast your manual controls move your Wyze Cam Pan. However, Motor Speed does not affect the speed of Pan Scan or Motion Tracking.  Drag the slider to select the rotation speed. By default, the rotation speed is set to 5, but there are nine speeds to choose from. Experiment to find what works best for you. 

Pan Scan Settings lets you set waypoints used when Pan Scan is activated. Learn more about Pan Scan by following this link here.

Reset Position will reset the camera's Pan and Tilt to the default setting. 

Night Vision Mode and IR Lights:

You can also change your night vision between on, off, and auto.

You also get the option of turning off the Night Vision IR Lights. It turns on and off the Infrared LED lights on the camera. It’s recommended to turn this off is the Wyze Cam is looking through a glass window.

Learn more about using Night Vision by following this link. 

Camera Status Light

The light in the front can give you handy information about what’s going on if you have connectivity issues, but if you want you can turn it off with the Camera Status Light setting. 

We understand that an LED light is not the stealthiest thing, especially at night, so this is where you can turn it off and on.

Rotate Image 180°

Rotate Image 180 degrees can be used if your Wyze Cam's live feed is upside down due to mounting. Use this setting to rotate the image.

Timestamp Watermark

With the Timestamp Watermark option, you can turn on and off the timestamp. With this option on it will add the time and date onto the footage. It is permanently a part of that footage, and if you turn this off, any footage that already had a timestamp will still have it, but all future footage will not. You can turn that on and off here.

Record Sound

By default, your Wyze Cam records audio as well as video. If you don’t want audio recorded just turn this off.

Sync Time

Pressing “Sync Time” will cause your Wyze Cam to adjust its timestamp to the time on your phone or tablet in case you move into a new time zone.

Restart Device

If you would like to restart your device, choose this red button on the bottom. It will turn the camera off and then back on.

Delete Device

If you would like to remove a device from your account, you can select the red button at the bottom of the advanced features menu. 

If you want to reinstall the device you don't have to delete it. Just follow the setup process again and it will delete the old device settings and create a new device via the setup process.

With these Advanced Settings, you can dial in some of the fine details of your Wyze Cam.

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