Wyze Bulb is Flickering

Flickering can sometimes be caused by using a dimmer switch to change the brightness of the Wyze Bulb.

The first thing to check for is if the bulb is running through a socket with a dimmer switch. There might be a dimmer switch on the light switch or on the power cord that runs to the bulb.


If there is a dimmer switch, try these steps:

  1. Set the dimmer switch to its highest setting and see if the flickering stops.
  2. If it stops flickering, you can now use the Wyze app to set the bulb brightness.  It's important to note that Wyze Bulb should only be dimmed using the Wyze app and not the dimmer switch.


  3. If the issue persists, test the bulb in a different socket that doesn't have a dimmer switch.
Note: If the bulb is not running through a dimmer switch and is in a lamp, you can check to make sure the lamp switch is turned on as well as any light switch for the socket or power.
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