Wyze Sprinkler Compatibility Guide

Wyze Sprinkler replaces the controller of your existing irrigation system. Refer to the Compatibility Guide below to see if your system will work with Wyze Sprinkler.

System Compatibility

 Number of Supported Zones

Up to 8 zones

 Master Valve

Yes, compatible


Yes, with pump relay. Do NOT connect a pump directly to the device.

 Index Valve

No, not compatible

 3rd Party Rain & Soil Sensors

Wired & Wireless Normally Closed (NC) rain/soil sensors

 Wire Gauge

28-12 AWG


Additional Note: 

Wyze Sprinkler is not a standalone device, is not an irrigation system, and it cannot be used as a timer that attaches directly to a hose. It works similarly to how Wyze Thermostat replaces your existing thermostat, and how Wyze Video Doorbell replaces your existing wired doorbell.

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