When will my preordered product ship?

Here's when to expect your preorder to ship.

Use the table below to find the estimated shipping range for your preordered Wyze product. 

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Please be aware that shipping carriers are experiencing network-wide delays, and the shipping projections on this page are estimations. Shipping may be delayed due to the ongoing pandemic and increase volumes this holiday season. 

Note: This is when your order is estimated to ship from our warehouse by. It may take anywhere between 2-5 business days for your package to ship, and 10-14 business days for your package to arrive. Your shipping date may vary based on the date you placed your order (ex. if placed after the preorder date, the expected ship date may be later).

Wyze Product Ordered By Shipping Starts
Wyze Video Doorbell wyze-video-doorbell.png


Orders by 9/24-9/30

Orders by 10/11-10/31

Orders by 11/1-12/7


Ships by: 2/26

Ships by: 3/6

Ships by: 3/19

Wyze Sprinkler


wyze-sprinkler.png Preordered: 11/17 Started shipping

Wyze Watch

44 and 47

wyze_watch_44mm.jpg Preordered: 12/1 Early April 2021

Wyze Home Monitoring


wyze-home-monitoring-core-kit-group_1.webp Preordered: 12/8 April 2021
Wyze Handheld Vacuum

Preordered: 1/19

Ordered: After 1/22

March 2021

April 2021

Wyze Bulb Color wyze-lighting-lotus.png

Preordered: 2/16-2/17

Ordered: After 2/18

March 2021

April 2021

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