When will my preordered product ship?

Here's when to expect your preorder to ship.

Use the table below to find the estimated shipping range for your preordered Wyze product. 

Note: This is when your order is estimated to ship from our warehouse by. Once shipped, our standard delivery time is about 4-7 business days.

Wyze Product Preorder Date Expected to Ship By
Wyze Cam Outdoor (Bundle) img_bundle_01.jpg 10/29 End of November
Wyze Video Doorbell wyze-video-doorbell.png 9/22 January
Wyze Headphones wyze-headphones.png 9/29 End of November
Wyze Thermostat home-comfort-lotus.png 10/6 Mid-December
Wyze Cam v3 cameras-lotus.png 10/27


(December, if ordered by 11/23/20)

Wyze Socks Screen_Shot_2020-11-05_at_11.35.30_PM.png 11/4 Late November
Wyze Robot Vacuum image_53.png 11/10 Late January

Wyze Sprinkler


  wyze-sprinkler.png 11/17 Late January


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