Update: Delayed shipping for Wyze Cam v3

Early orderers: Expect your order to ship in December.

We recently sent out the following email to Wyze Cam v3 customers with an update about changes in shipping. Due to inventory issues and nationwide shipping delays, your v3 order may not ship when originally projected.

Our Wyze email update: 

We originally estimated that your Wyze Cam v3 order(s) would be shipping in late November. But due to unexpected delays in production, we will need a little more time to get them to you. We are now expecting your order(s) to ship in December. We are very sorry for this. 

We will send another update when your order is on the way with tracking information and will keep you posted if anything else changes. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support.wyze.com.

We originally promised to users who ordered a Wyze Cam v3 between 10/27 and 11/01 that it would ship in November. We aren't able to fulfill that promise for every customer, and these orders are now expected to ship in December

We are incredibly sorry about this - we broke a promise, and we're working hard to make it right and get your order to you ASAP. 

When will I receive a v3 if I order it today?

January 2021. We're still fulfilling previous orders, and incoming orders will ship out after earlier orders.

Will my order arrive by December 25, 2020?

Orders placed between 10/27 and 11/01 will arrive in December, though we cannot guarantee a specific date.

This article will be updated shortly with a more detailed shipping date range for your Wyze Cam v3 order, based on the exact date range the order was placed and when it's expected to ship.
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